Our standard (UF400) and expanded (UF450) urology retractor systems. Both are fully-adjustable to maintain a low profile in any approach and any patient. The UF450 also includes the hinged extension arm which allows retraction from all four directions--especially useful in the larger patient.


The UF100 provides excellent exposure in pelvic procedures.


UF100 Pelvic Retractor

Product Features:
The UF100 pelvic retractor system is the perfect choice for vaginal and perineal procedures. Hands free retraction eases the strain on the OR staff, and ensures stable retraction for unobstructed access to the surgical site.
Used In:
  • Perineal prostatectomy
  • Vaginal Hysterectomy

UF400/450 Urology Retractor System

Product Features:
The UF400 is the perfect choice for general urological procedures. Simple to use and infinitely adjustable, the UF400 offers hands free, stable retracion.
The UF450 adds a hinged extension arm, which allows the surgeon to enclose the wishbone to create a complete ring for additional rigidity and inferior retractor placement.

Used In:
  • Radical Retropubic prostatectomy